Safety Comes First

Quality Saw & Seal, Inc. believes that employee training and education is the key to a successful safety program. Our employees have been trained and badged, when necessary, in the following safety training courses:

Chicago Transit Authority Eight-Hour Rail Safety Course

Canadian National Contractor Safety Orientation

Metra Contractor Safety Orientation

Union Pacific Railroad Minimum Safety Requirements for Railroad Contractors

Wisconsin Department of Transportation, OCIP (Owner Controlled Insurance Program) Safety Training

Amtrak's Contractor/Lessee/Agency Employee Safety Program

Security Awareness for Railroad Contractors

Employee Training

Through these programs all employees are trained in safety for any construction situation. With a current insurance safety rating of 0.88, at Quality Saw and Seal, Inc., we don't stop with the basics. We ensure that our employees' safety training is above and beyond what may be necessary to minimize personal injuries. maximize property conservation, achieve greater efficiency, and reduce direct and indirect costs.

Our employees learn:

  • Jobsite safety procedures
  • Core drilling safety
  • Hand drilling safety
  • Flat sawing safety
  • Wire sawing safety
  • Wall sawing safety

Employees learn OSHA standards for trenching and excavation, concrete construction, ladders and scaffolds, fire protection, confined spaces, oxygen and acetylene. Also, training encompasses hazcom, lockout/tagout, respiratory protection, personal protective equipment, hearing conservation, fall protection, and excavation. Our employees attend weekly Toolbox Safety meetings, as well as annual Safety Meetings to go over all safety standards and procedures to ensure our company safety program is being followed and enforced.

A Focus on Training

  • 10-Hour Workzone Safety Training
  • 10-Hour OSHA Safety and Health Training
  • Confined Space Training
  • CSDA Introduction to Concrete Sawing and Drilling Program
  • Construction Safety Council Excavation
  • Competent Person Training