Safety Comes First

As the most highly certified sawing and drilling provider in the Midwest, Quality Saw and Seal, Inc. believes safety is of the utmost importance on all jobsites and for all of our employees. Our internal Safety Program is established to provide guidance and direction to management and employees for the purpose and objective of assuring that each employee is provided a workplace wherein recognized hazards that are likely to cause serious physical harm are minimized and to coordinate all available means controlling such hazards and risks associated with daily activities.

Our Core Services

  • Core Drilling
  • Wall sawing
  • Slab sawing
  • Wire sawing
  • Pavement joint sawing
  • Routing and sealing
  • Decorative sawing
  • Pavement grinding
  • Bridge deck grooving
  • Airport runway grooving
  • Rumble strip installation
  • Concrete and asphalt slurry recycling
  • Various concrete & asphalt joint sawing and sealing